Sweets SixFinger Strings - BERRY

Sweets SixFinger Strings - BERRY

Sweets SixFinger Strings - FLANNEL

Sweets SixFinger Strings - FLANNEL

Sweets SixFinger Strings - ISLAND

Choose the right length for you!

4 Packs include: 

  • 4 Strings
  • 2 Spinner Beads
  • 2 Plastic Beads
  • 4 Stickers
  • 1 Stringing Tool
£ 5.99
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sweets sixfinger kendama strings 4-pack island

SixFinger Strings from braided nylon are the highest quality kendama strings on the market!

They are resilient and offer the perfect balance of bounce and sturdiness.  
These are the strings we have been using on our Homegrowns and Pro Models for years, now with some extra length. 

Why SixFinger Strings?

Tricks are evolving and nowadays many players prefer a longer string. 

Sweets SixFinger Strings are extra-long by design so you can choose the perfect length for you!

There is a guide in every string pack to use as a reference when trimming your string. Everyone has different size fingers and playing preferences, so figure out what works best for you!

All SixFinger strings are approximately 23.5 inches (60cm) in length and produced exclusively for Sweets Kendamas.

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