How to choose a Frisbee?

How to choose a Frisbee?

Do you want to buy your first flying disc (Frisbee) and don’t know what’s “Ultimate”, “Freestyle” or “Canine”? If you don’t, the next sentences are for you. So:

Ultimate Frisbee

90% of customers buy exactly these flying discs. Their ideal size, weight and shape are excellent not only for the Ultimate game, but also for ordinary games on the street, in the park or anywhere else.

Discs like Discraft Ultra Star, Mushroom Ultimo, UltiPro Five Star, UltiPro Blank are part of this category and they are the classical ultimate Frisbees. There are also special editions: Phosphorous (which glow in the dark), Chameleon (which change colour to a rich purple in the light) and Winter (discs from softer plastic, suitable for cold weather, when average discs are too solid and make the hands hurt).

Phosphorous frisbee

Disc with phosphorous efect - they glow green in the dark. These Frisbees are suitabla (not only) for night games. For best phosphorous effect let the frisbee directly on the sun for a whole day, or under the strong lightbulb. Mobile phone light will not work good enough.

Chameleon frisbee

Chameleon Frisbee changes their colour under UV light, mostly during sunny days, but even when it is cloudy.

From the white transparent to the very nice violet color in a seconds under the sunlight. When the sun goes away, the disc turns white again.


Made for cold days. These are made from softer plastic - in cold the disk is not so tough, so you can play without your hands get hurt :)

L.E.D. frisbee

Frisbee with build in L.E.D lights. Just turn it on and enjoy the efect.

The illumination mechanism is impact resistant and, of course, centered in the center of the disc so as not to impair flight characteristics.

Freestyle frisbee

These discs are on average 1 cm smaller than the Ultimate discs and 15 g lighter, which makes them 160 g in total along with a diameter of 26 cm. The second main difference is that they are made from a softer plastic material.

This allows them to do all sorts of tricks, for example catching the rotating disk on the tip of the finger (i.e. nail) and not hurting the player.

Aerobie Ring (Flying Rings )

They are different from the classical Frisbees with their shape and construction, but that gives them extraordinary flying properties. You can throw the ring with little effort and it can fly incredibly far.

We were amazed by their flight range, speed and flight accuracy when we first tested these products. Their soft edge has a big significance and ensures comfortable catching even when flying at high-speeds.

Aerobie Superdisc

The Superdisc is a bit smaller than a classical Ultimate Frisbee, but it flies just as well. Its main advantage is its soft edge, thanks to which it can be caught and thrown easily because of its rubber edge, which is great for holding and throwing.

Aerobie Orbiter (Boomerang)

At first we couldn’t believe that these boomerangs can fly just like the manufacturer claims. After half an hour we could see the first victories and we have to admit, that it is really possible and that the boomerangs are not just a myth :) A great accessory to make your day.

Frisbee for dogs (Canine frisbee)

There isn’t much to explain here. These discs are made on the request of dog-lovers. The plastic material is softer so it doesn’t hurt the set of teeth of your dog when catching it. The weight is also reduced for the same reason.

Junior frisbee

I would choose the Junior flying disc mainly if you have small kids (10-12 year olds). These discs are smaller and lighter, which makes them easier for children to throw. In case of it unintentionally crashing into something, there is also less chance of damage, but we know what our kids are like :)

Mini frisbee

1. The Discraft Ultra Mini Frisbees can be used in 3 ways: 1. Players of Discgolf use them as markers, where their throw ended and where they can continue throwing from.

2. Mini discs are great for throwing indoors. You can’t throw big discs inside without breaking the computer screen, television, everything. Small discs are so light, they won’t hurt a glass.

3. Recession. Not everyone has this type of disc!