Sweets LAB V25 - SERPENT kendama

Sweets LAB V25 - SERPENT kendama



  • It has a reinforced shape
  • Made of maple
  • Has both the Crossken logo and the snake engraved in the large bowl
  • Painted ring stand


  • 62 mm
  • Made of beech

£ 42.99
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Kendama Sweets Lab

A traditional Japanese wooden toy that is becoming increasingly popular today. It consists of a ball(Tama), a wooden hammer(Ken), a string and a bead. The Tama is attached to the Ken by a string and the essence of the game is different variations of catching the Tama in "cups", on the Ken and many other tricks.

Although it may seem simple at first, this is a game of unlimited possibilities that allows you to constantly outdo yourself.

The Sweets Lab model line is constantly striving to take design and playability to the next level. The BOOST kendo shape, Cushion Clear surface, and unique design make these kendamas some of the best on the market.

The camouflage pattern series is nothing new with Sweets Kendamas. The Sweets Lab V25 offers just this unique timeless pattern, but with this one, it definitely won't go away.

The kendamas of this series feature a BOOST shape. The cups are slightly larger, the edges are more pronounced and there is a balance hole in the bottom cup which helps for better balance during lunar tricks. Unlike the original, the new BOOST models are made of solid maple instead of laminated wood.


  • Thanks to the use of high quality maple and cherry wood, Sweets Lab kendamas are really durable and made for the craziest tricks.
  • Thegrippy, matte finish of Cushion Clear absorbs shock and increases control during balance tricks, which is especially appreciated by more advanced players.
  • Sweets Lab kendamas are shaped and crafted for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • The specially shaped BOOST ken fits perfectly in the hand and is suitable for both right- and left-handed players.
  • Playing with a kendama has many health benefits. It helps to improve reflexes, balance, develops creativity and also improves coordination of movements.
More Information
Manufacturer Sweets Kendamas
Color Green
Model Sweets Lab
Wood Maple, cherry
Tama Cushion Clear
Height of Kendama 18 cm
Bearing No
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