Combo Meal Spikeball Kit

Combo Meal Spikeball Kit

Combo Meal Spikeball Kit

Combo Meal Spikeball Kit

Spikeball Pro Kit


Pro Kit is a set for everyone who is serious about Spikeball and wants to take their game to the next level.

The official Spikeball Roundnet Association tournament set.

Robust construction ensures higher stability even in a dynamic game. Thanks to the new material and surface of Pro Balls, your topspins and backspins will be easier than ever before.

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spikeball pro

What's included:

  • Spikeball Pro set
  • 2 Spikeball Pro balls
  • Portable ball pump and gauge
  • Backpack

How to play Spikeball

  1. The game is for two 2-member teams with a net in the middle, each player standing on one of the four sides. Serving and receiving players face each other.
  2. The serving player stands 2 meters from the net and hits the ball similar to volleyball. The ball must bounce off the net.
  3. The receiving players have up to three alternating touches between them (similar to volleyball) and then have to return the ball to the opponent.
  4. There are no limits, after serving you can move anywhere, even between opponents.
  5. You gain points when the opponent hits a hoop, the opponent's shot touches the net twice or if the opponent ball falls to the ground.

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Manufacturer Kankakee Spikeball
Color Yellow
Weight 2,5 kg
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