KROM X Simple Session 21 kendama

KROM X Simple Session 21 kendama

KROM POP LOL kendama

The best-selling kendama in the world is presented to you in a new improved version of POP LOL ® for beginners and professionals.

  • Ken in the shape of KROM CK made of beech wood with a triangle sticker.
  • Tama 61 mm made of beech wood with a larger hole
  • The original KROM LOL rubberized adhesive surface ensures maximum playability
  • Extended cups for even more balance
  • Thin tip
  • The package includes a spare string, a plastic bead, a sticker, and a poster.
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krom lol


KROM is one of the most popular and recognized producers of kendams in the world. With the KROM POP model line, they managed to create a universal kendam great for both beginners and advanced players.

After the great success of the POP models, they decided to upgrade and the result is a new series of KROM POP LOL with a number of improvements. The improved CK shape of the ken has larger cups and together with the LOL rubberized surface there will help you easily handle all your tricks.


  • Thanks to the use of quality beech wood, KROM POP LOL kendams are really durable and suitable for everyday use.
  • The specially shaped and balanced ken fits perfectly in the hand and is suitable for both right-handers and left-handers.
  • Playing with kendam has a number of health benefits. It helps to improve reflexes, and balance, develops creativity, and at the same time improves coordination of movements.
  • The rubberized adhesive surface of the KROM POP LOL is a guarantee of maximum playability, thanks to which you can playfully handle even the most demanding tricks.
  • KROM POP LOL kendama has extended cups and a tama hole for easier balance and easier catching.

More Information
ManufacturerKROM Kendama
TamaLOL clear (extra sticky)
Height of Kendama18 cm
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