KROM 9Y BDAY kendama

KROM 9Y BDAY kendama

KROM *KOLLEGE B.W. kendama

KROM *KOLLEGE B.W. - by players for players!

  • Highly durable maple wood
  • Super sticky LOL Clear
  • Tama equipped with a bearing
  • Base cup warp hole for better balance
  • KROM BL ken
  • Kendama height: 18 cm
  • The package includes stickers and a spare string
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            krom kollege bw

            Kendama KROM *KOLLEGE

            A traditional Japanese wooden toy that is becoming increasingly popular today. It consists of a ball (Tama), a wooden hammer (Ken), a string and a bead. Tama is attached to Ken with a string and the main goal of the game is catching Tama into "cups", to Ken and many other tricks.

            Although it may seem simple at first glance, it's a game of unlimited possibilities, which allows you to constantly overcome yourself.

            KROM is one of the most popular and recognized kendama producers in the world.

            The KROM *KOLLEGE model line is designed by professionals to provide you with the perfect play experience wrapped in a timeless "kollege" paint.


            • Thanks to the high quality maple woodKROM *KOLLEGE kendamas are durable and suitable for even the craziest of tricks.
            • The extra sticky LOL Clear surface makes KROM *KOLLEGE a guarantee of the highest adhesion that is needed when performing various kind of tricks.
            • KROM *KOLLEGE kendamas are made for maximum play experience. As is the standard for higher quality kendamas, they have a bearing instead of a bead.
            • The special-shaped KROM BL ken fits perfectly in the hand and is suitable for both right-handers and left-handers.
            • Playing with a kendama has a number of health benefits. It helps to improve reflexes, balance, develops creativity and at the same time improves the coordination of movements.

            More Information
            Manufacturer KROM Kendama
            Color Wood
            Model *KOLLEGE
            Wood Maple
            Tama LOL clear (extra sticky)
            Height of Kendama 18 cm
            Bearing Yes
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