Juggle Dream Cyclone Classic Gen.2 Diabolo

Juggle Dream Cyclone Classic Gen.2 Diabolo

Oddballs Radiant Diabolo

Oddballs Radiant Diabolo

Henry's Beach Diabolo - 'Free Hub' Version

A great diabolo at a favorable price for beginners with many features that even experienced jugglers will appreciate.

The Free Hub model is a designation for a diabolo with a bearing.

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henry s beach diabolo

The Free Hub is a new type of bearing axle that allows for higher speeds while reducing deceleration compared to a fixed axle diabolo. This, combined with harder plastic cups, makes this diabolo an ideal candidate for complicated tricks.

The freehub axle is also much wider than other bearing diabolos, making finger, stick and other grinds a breeze.

The cups are equipped with concentric inner rings found only on the Henry's Beach diabolo, which significantly increases the stiffness of the diabolo. They are translucent and let in enough light, especially when looking at an angle. This diabolo keeps its shape and does not go into "death wobble" even at huge speeds.

A minor disadvantage is that elevator tricks (magic rope climbing) are not possible due to the bearing.

For this diabolo, you also need to purchase sticks and a string. To begin with, wooden ones will suffice. However, aluminum ones are also worth trying.


Diameter - 122 mm

Width - 140 mm

Weight 238 g


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Manufacturer Henry´s
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