Oddballs Footbag 4-panel B/R/O/P

Oddballs Footbag 4-panel B/R/O/P

Hacky Sack

Hackies should be a must item in every bag because it’s a great companion for trips, festivals or school breaks. Don’t be shy and add one to the basket :) 

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hacky sack

An all-purpose helper for fun or a time-killer. In case you didn’t know, the point of the game is to pass the hackies through the air for as long as possible, of course without using your hands. It can be played by a single person as well as in a group. When ordering a hacky, we will send a random piece; therefore it can vary from the picture. In the picture you can see the hackies on offer, but we also have other combinations of colours and patterns.  

Filled with plastic granules. It is knitted in a quality way.    

Some of them are more full than other, but after time they will all be the same :)   

More Information
Manufacturer Mushroom
Color Colorful
Material Knitted
Fill Plastic granulate
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