FanXin Trihedron keychain

FanXin Trihedron keychain

GAN pad for speedcube halo smart timer

Introducing the stylish and innovative Halo Timer Mat from GAN, now available in an eye-catching new colour - vibrant purple. This mat is masterfully crafted to perfectly complement GAN's cutting-edge Halo Timer, providing a flawless and visually appealing duo for your best time attempts.

Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, the GAN Halo Timer Mat offers more than just aesthetics. Its advanced shock-absorbing features provide a soft surface that minimizes the risk of damaging your precious timer when you stop it. Say goodbye to worries about accidental slips or bumps that could affect the performance or appearance of your cube.

For added convenience, the pad is thoughtfully equipped with two precisely positioned holes that allow you to securely anchor the GAN Halo Timer in place. This ensures stability during your solving sessions, allowing you to focus solely on achieving your best times without any distractions or interruptions.

Enhance your fast-pitch experience with GAN's exceptional Halo Timer Mat. It's time to hone your skills, protect your cube and make a bold statement with this winning combination of style and functionality.

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GAN podložka na speedcube halo smart timer
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