GAN 11 M Duo Speed cube

GAN 11 M Duo Speed cube

GAN Monster Go Pyraminx cube

GAN Monster Go Pyraminx cube

GAN Monster Go AI Bluetooth speedcube

Monster Go AI Bluetooth 3x3x3 is an amazing magnetic smart cube with Bluetooth for beginners to advanced. It is the best cube if you want to have a pocket smart cube that looks for analytical solutions and helps you to master and learn the basics quickly.

It has a stable and lightweight design, and thanks to the button battery inside, you will get rid of the hassle of charging.

Inside you will find a digital adjustment axis ball with a chip. It is equipped with intelligent dynamic sensing system, no matter which layer of the cube is rotating or how fast or softly, you can capture it instantly.

You can pair it with GAN's smart cube app: 'Cube Station', which provides loads of fun in the form of interactive learning, training and duels. The cube is ideal for children and young people and can be easily connected to a tablet.

Artificial intelligence intelligently recognises the cube and no matter how much chaos is in it, it can be put back together in its original state.

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gan monster Go 3x3x3

the cube is equipped with professional features:

- Bluetooth connectivity with the Cube station app (iOS and Android)
- battery life approx. 280 hours
- interactive solution guide
- training mode
- timer
- list of algorithms
- compatibility with robots
- online competitions
- long battery life of 280 hours, with replaceable button battery

More Information
Manufacturer GAN
Color Colorful
Cube pattern 3x3x3
Magnet Yes
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