GAN Megaminx M magnetic

GAN Megaminx M magnetic

GAN 460 M 4x4x4 magnetic cube

TheGAN 460M is equipped with the revolutionary GMC (GAN magnet capsule) technology that visibly displays all 96 magnets. The magnets are firmly locked in each capsule so they are no longer missing/falling out.

This cube is not to be missed in your collection if you want to move up a level.

It is extremely fast and suitable for competitions.

GAN460M is equipped with fully symmetrical clips, and unbreakable blocks. All parts and blocks are perfectly and firmly secured with clips.

TheGAN460M comes with a new 4x4 IPG created by combining iron and plastic and based on the 3x3 IPG design. Higher perpendicularity, larger internal space, longer hidden edge piece, resulting in stronger anti-POP capabilities.

Inner surface reduces friction and tolerates lubrication; 40°/25° corner cutting capability is optimized for best fit. The GAN 460 M has all the latest features a 4x4 speed cube can have to make it your record breaker.

By choosing GAN, you are choosing the most successful brand in the world.

£ 54.99
Availability: Backorder
GAN 460 M 4x4x4
More Information
Manufacturer GAN
Color Colorful
Cube pattern 4x4x4
Magnet Yes
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