LanLan Sunflower square cube

LanLan Sunflower square cube

Moyu Pandora 3x3x3 rubik's cube

Moyu Pandora 3x3x3 rubik's cube

GAN 356 XS Lite 3x3x3 magnetic cube

The flagship model of GAN for 2019 is still the most in demand.
When something is perfect, there is no need to change it. Its capabilities speak for themselves:

  • dual setup core
  • 3 magnet strength settings
  • 4 distances of the center from the core of the cube
  • 6 spring intensity settings

You can set everything with one finger.

As low as £ 39.99
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GAN 356 XS Lite 3x3x3 magnetická kocka

Model 356 XS has a sophisticated mechanism of magnets and springs, which is also easily adjustable. The core of the cube is made of plastic, which reduces its weight. The surface is matte, thanks to which the cube does not slip in the hands, and the colors are more pronounced.

356 XS is exactly the model with which Feliks Zemdegs achieved the world record in 4,22 seconds.

The Lite version does not include spare parts. It also includes a bag, box, and instructions for use.

weight: 68 g
dimensions: 56 × 56 × 56 mm


More Information
Manufacturer GAN
Cube pattern 3x3x3
Magnet Yes
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