Spikeball Glow Balls (2 pcs)

Spikeball Glow Balls (2 pcs)

Combo Meal Spikeball Kit

Spikeball Rookie kit

BAMBALL Roundnet Standard Edition

High quality roundnet set from Bamball

Although it is "only" a standard set, the set contains a massive PRO rim and a very durable and flexible net woven from thicker cords.

In short - PRO set for Standard price. Therefore, we can only recommend it!


£ 59.99
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The German company Bamball offers the Standard Edition model for roundnet players, which we can compare with the PRO set from Spikeball thanks to its high-quality design. The hoops are massive and therefore the set is very stable. The net is woven from thicker cords and is more flexible, which makes the game even more dynamic.

The set includes:

  • 5 hoop parts, 5 legs
  • 3 balls (1 training and 2 playing)
  • 1 net
  • 1 bag
  • 1 pump with a needle
  • 1 English manual

How to play Roundnet

  1. Two teams of two start the game with a net in the middle, each player standing on one of the four sides. The serving and receiving players face each other.
  2. The serving player stands 2 meters from the net and hits the ball like in volleyball. The ball must bounce off the net.
  3. The receiving players have three shots between them (similar to volleyball) and then must return the ball over the net to the opponent.
  4. There are no boundaries, after submission you can move anywhere, even between opponents.
  5. Points are earned if the opponent hits the hoop of the net, if the opponent's shot touches the net twice or if the opponent's ball falls to the ground

Ako na Spikeball

A video is better than a thousand words :)

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Manufacturer Bamball
Color Black
Weight 2,5 kg
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