Acrylic contact ball 100mm

Acrylic contact ball 100mm

Acrylic contact ball 75mm

If you already have experience with a rubber ball, it's time to switch to acrylic. An acrylic ball suitable for a more advanced contact juggler will not disappoint you either. It is more durable than it seems and can withstand falls. If it fall on the grass, just rub it and you'll be fine. Falls on harder surfaces can cause small scratches or small abrasions.

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jd contact ball 75

Juggle Dream contact balls look like magical crystal balls and are available in many different sizes.
Unlike the cheaper Fushigi balls, those from Juggle Dream Crystal Clear have sharper clarity and a perfectly round shape. Acrylates are made from extruded acrylic rods, which are then machined into a ball and polished to perfection.
However, Fushigi beads and other cheaper standard acrylics are made by injection molding, which increases the likelihood of sand or bubbles being trapped during molding.
With Juggle Dream Crystal Clear, you cannot expect any deformations or bubbles. Just a beautiful crystal clear acrylic ball.

In addition to contact juggling, they are also very popular with photographers!
Thanks to their crystal clarity, they offer the perfect level of transparency that photographers often seek. The clarity in the crystal ball lens allows the photographer to take refraction photographs that reveal the background within the ball.
For photography, we recommend an 80mm or wider contact ball as it offers a larger area to focus on.

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