Sweets Boogie T - Signature Model kendama

Sweets Boogie T - Signature Model kendama

Sweets Alex Ruisch - Legend Model kendama

Sweets Alex Ruisch - Legend Model kendama

Sweets Christian Fraser (Batch 1) - Legend Model kendama


      • CHRISTIAN FRASER - Pro model
      • Made from 5 types of wood
      • Sticky Clear - great adhesion
      • Including unique sticker pack, instructions & extra string
      £ 52.99
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      sweets christian fraser legend models

      Kendama Sweets Legend Model

      A traditional Japanese wooden toy that is becoming increasingly popular today. It consists of a ball (Tama), a wooden hammer (Ken), a string and a bead. Tama is attached to Ken with a string and the main goal of the game is catching Tama into "cups", to Ken and many other tricks.

      Although it may seem simple at first glance, it's a game of unlimited possibilities, which allows you to constantly overcome yourself.

      The Sweets Legend Model range is designed by professionals. These are top kendamas even for the most demanding players

      By using five carefully selected woods, this kendama embraces the best qualities that each wood has to offer. The maple provides smooth stability, while the beech offers soft stall catches. The wenge puts weight where it really matters, whereas the cherry and walnut remove weight where it doesn’t. This kendama is yours to be consistently honed for your next level of play.


      • Thanks to the 5 types of woodSweets Legend Model kendamas are really durable and great even for the craziest of tricks. 
      • The sticky surface is a guarantee of high adhesion, which is needed when performing various tricks. 
      • Sweets Signature Series kendamas are made for the maximum play experience. 
      • Playing with a kendama has a number of health benefits. It helps to improve reflexes, balance, develops creativity and at the same time improves the coordination of movements.

      More Information
      Manufacturer Sweets Kendamas
      Color Red
      Model Legend Model
      Wood Maple, beech, wenge, cherry, walnut
      Tama Sticky Clear
      Height of Kendama 18 cm
      Bearing No
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