GAN pad for speedcube halo smart timer

GAN pad for speedcube halo smart timer

Qiyi mirror 2x2 silver

Qiyi mirror 2x2 silver

Qiyi mirror 2x2 gold

Mirror Cube is a fascinating version of the classic Rubik's Cube that brings a whole new dimension of fun and intellectual challenge. It is a non-proportional "cut" 2x2 cube that changes shape as it is folded to create different asymmetrical forms. Unlike traditional coloured Rubik's cubes, the Mirror Cube does not have colour-coded sides, so you only have to navigate by the size of the individual pieces. Each layer contains pieces of different sizes, which greatly increases the difficulty of folding.

Each shuffle of this cube is a unique work of art that will make you look at the cube in a new way every time.

Mirror Cube 2x2 is designed with advanced technology and an anti-pop design, ensuring fast and smooth rotation.

The Mirror Cube 2x2 is also slightly larger than standard 2x2 cubes, making it easier to handle and adding stability.

This puzzle is not only fun, but also very beneficial for developing your spatial imagination.

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Qiyi mirror 2x2 zlatá

There are two elegant options to choose from - silver and gold.

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Manufacturer Qiyi
Color Gold
Cube pattern 2x2x2
Magnet No
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