Oddballs Footbag 24-panel B/B

Oddballs Footbag 24-panel B/B

Kikbo Green Grass

Kikbo Green Grass

Kikbo Yellow Sunshine

The Sun in your Pocket

This feather cannot be missing in any part of the barbecue or in the park. It stirs up the fun, moves and is guaranteed to conjure a smile on your face.

  • Freshness and ease of movement
  • For optimists, pessimists and fatalists alike
  • Lots of fun in a small size
  • Size 16x14x14 cm
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Pierko Sunshine yellow

Kikbo or Jianzi


An ancient game that the Chinese dynasty had fun with 2,000 years ago. A game that gained in popularity until it became a traditional national sport throughout Southeast Asia and China.

It has several forms, from the traditional kicking in pairs or in a circle, to the official sport of Jianzi, in which the World Championships are held every year!

Take it in your pocket and bury it with your friends in the park, in the garden or on the beach. It will stir you up, improve body coordination and diversify every meeting with friends ... and who knows, maybe a new generation of masters will come out of it :)


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Manufacturer Aerobie
Color Yellow
Material Feather
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