Sweets LabV32 – Moonwalker (Ratio) kendama

Sweets LabV32 – Moonwalker (Ratio) kendama

Sweets Luzumaki kendama

Sweets Luzumaki kendama

Sweets Kaiju Spider XXL kendama


  • kendama height 35 cm
  • quality laminated beech wood
  • The sticky surface of the dam (Sticky Clear) - excellent adhesion
  • Improves coordination, supports creativity
  • The package also includes a black carrying bag, a poster, XXL stickers, and a spare string
£ 89.95
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sweets xxl spider


Kaiju is a Japanese word that refers to a strange animal in Japanese cinema. In English it is denoted by the typical "monster".

There is a long tradition of producing XXL kendams, which are intended not only for training but also for performing interesting tricks. With this kendama, even the exercise itself becomes a game.


It measures 35 cm and weighs almost 1 kg, so it is definitely not suitable for your younger siblings :)

Whether you want to perform in front of a crowd or do an interesting kendama trick, Kraken XXL is the right choice for you.

This is a limited edition.

Kendama is made of laminated beech wood. The package also includes a bag, XXL stickers, a poster, and an extra string.



  • This is an XXL kendama made of solid wood, so it is much heavier than a regular kendama.
  • The extra weight of the kendama makes it more prone to being hit by the tama when falling or playing itself.
  • Such damage is not grounds for complaint.
  • The string has a greater centrifugal force, so be careful when playing indoors or near fragile objects.
  • Play Kendama at your own risk
More Information
Manufacturer Sweets Kendamas
Color Black
Model XL
Wood Beech
Tama Sticky Clear
Height of Kendama 35 cm
Bearing Yes
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