GAN Megaminx M magnetic

GAN Megaminx M magnetic

YoungJun MGC 5x5x5 Magnetic Cube

YoungJun MGC 5x5x5 Magnetic Cube

GAN Skewb M Enhanced magnetic

GAN Skewb Enhanced is the lightest skewb jigsaw on the market. At only 81 grams, it is also the first with built-in magnets in the core. There are 2 versions in total and you are currently viewing the one with 32 magnets.

MAGNETIC CORE POSITIONING - Introducing the new GAN magnetic core positioning system. In this system, the GAN core has magnets on one side and fringes on the other side. As an upgraded motor, it provides a new sense of positioning with low initial resistance and better alignment. You will already feel super speed and super smoothness in the first turns!

EASY DOUBLE ADJUSTMENT - Each axis has 4 kinds of nut spacing and 6 levels of flexibility. A total of 24 configurations can be achieved with our accessories.

Step by step instructions are included.

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GAN Skewb

DETAILS YOU'LL WANT TO KNOW - Includes a host of technologies to give you the best sketch solving experience: 90° corners, smooth paths and rounded curves; scratch-resistant, sticker-free surface; touch-sensitive surface.

CONNECT WITH THE GAN TEAM - By choosing to shop GAN Cube, you're choosing the world's most successful 3x3 brand.

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Manufacturer GAN
Color Colorful
Cube pattern Other Shapes
Magnet Yes
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