Wham-O Reflyer Recycled Frisbee

Wham-O Reflyer Recycled Frisbee

Discraft Ultra Star Frisbee

Discraft Ultra Star Frisbee

Wham-O Guts Frisbee

Official Guts disc weighing 120 g and 9,4 in in diameter.

If you are multiple players and want to diversify discus, we have Wham-O Guts for you!

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Wham-O Guts

Wham-O Guts

What is going on?

1. Two teams (ideally 3-5 players in each team) face each other on the goal line.
2. The lines are 15 m apart and the width of the goal line should be equal to the span of the team's players.
3. The disc is thrown from behind the goal line and the goal is to throw the disc behind the goal line of the opponent's team. On the contrary, the opoonent´s team try to prevent it to make the opponents throw the disc behind their line. The condition is that the disc is held in one hand only, not in two hands or hands about a part of the body.
4. Teams change sides by 11 points. The team that scores 21 points wins. In the case of 20:20, the game continues until the
two-point lead.


More Information
Manufacturer Wham-O
Color Orange
Frisbee Type Ultimate
Weight 110 g
Frisbee Diameter 24 cm
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