Aerobie Orbiter Yellow

After flying an axis of 28 meters it will return. This boomerang really works! 

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orbiter blue

You can play with the boomerang Aerobie Orbiter by yourself. It flies for 28 meters and then returns. It has a unique triangle shape with a soft and elastic edge and therefore it’s easy and comfortable to catch. It’s easy to see when flying thanks to the dynamic colours.

You can find the instructions on how to throw it on the package and on the boomerang itself. If it doesn’t come back when you first try it, don’t despair and give up! The Boomerang Aerobie Orbiter really does return and it’s just a question of practice, perhaps wind and the tuning of the boomerang.  

The record for the most throws without touching the ground belongs to José Drummond from Brazil- and that’s 720 m! 

Doesn’t float on water.
Length- 29cm.
Mainly for right handed people.
Recommended age 13+.

More Information
Manufacturer Aerobie
Color Blue
Right / Left Right handed
Material Plastic
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