Yoyo Factory ONE Yoyo

Yoyo Factory ONE Yoyo

Yoyo Factory Spinstar LED Yoyo

Yoyo Factory Spinstar LED Yoyo

Yoyo Factory Spinstar Yoyo

Spinstar is the most affordable yoyo and you can do all basic tricks with it from Sleeper to Rock the Baby, Around the World and also Trapeze.
However, it is more suitable for those who do not have greater yoyer ambitions.
If you want to improve and move, we recommend ONE or Arrow .

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YYF Spinstar Yoyo

YoyoFactory Spinstar

Great yoyo for beginners. It is made of plastic and returns to the flick of the hand (responsive).
However, we recommend it to children who do not yet appreciate a full-fledged yoyo (Arrow/One).
Spinstar does not have a ball bearing, so it does not need any more care.

Manufacturer: Yoyofactory
Weight: 55.5 g
Width: 36.61 mm
Diameter: 58.78 mm
The yoyo does not have a bearing, but a plastic ring

We recommend buying a set of strings for each yoyo. They wear out quite quickly and thus lose their necessary properties. You will do better if you change them regularly.

More Information
Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Material Plastic
Level Beginner / responsive
Style 1A/3A/5A
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