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UltiPro SpaceDog Red Frisbee

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UltiPro SpaceDog Orange Frisbee

UltiPro SpaceDog Light Blue Frisbee

UltiPro SpaceDog is a flying Frisbee disc mainly for dogs and their owners, fans of Frisbees. This Frisbee is made from a different material than average discs.   

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spacedog blue

The UltiPro SpaceDog white is a flying disc mainly for dogs. This Frisbee is made from a different material than average discs.

The plastic is visibly softer mainly so it doesn’t hurt the set of teeth of your dog when catching it. The disc is a lot lighter, it weighs “only” 105 g and that also is a relief for the dogs’ set of teeth.   

I don’t know about your dog, but ours catches even the clumsier throws, when the disc falls from a height of a number of meters. At those moments we are glad that the disc is so light.

Of course, the disc isn’t unbreakable, that wasn’t even the intention of the manufacturer. Therefore you have to be aware, that the disc will be marked by the teeth of your dog. Our experiences say that it is just an aesthetic disadvantage but even despite of that, the Frisbee flies perfectly and for long distances.   

That’s why we recommend it to all dog-lovers. 

More Information
Manufacturer Yikun
Color Blue
Frisbee Type Canine (Dogs)
Weight 105 g
Frisbee Diameter 23,5 cm
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