UltiPro Five Star Phosphorus-Red-Green

UltiPro Five Star Phosphorous-Red-Green

UltiPro Five Star Chameleon

UltiPro Five Star Chameleon Frisbee

UltiPro Five Star Phosphorous-Blue-Red

UltiPro Five Star Phosphorus-Blue-Red this is a classic blue-red print on a phosphor - flying disc that has a phosphorous effect in the dark.

£ 15.99
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5star fosfor blue

The UltiPro Five Star Phosphorous-Blue-Red = excellent quality for a fair price. You’ll hardly distinguish this flying disc from a Discraft, but of course, there is a small difference.   

The UltiPro Five Star Frisbee is made from a softer plastic material and after a hard bounce it might be necessary to straighten it.

Other than that, there are no negatives and I recommend this flying disc mainly if you are planning to buy your first disc or if you aren’t dead serious about playing with it :) 

More Information
Manufacturer Yikun
Color Phosphorus
Frisbee Type Ultimate
Weight 175 g
Frisbee Diameter 27 cm
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