KanJam Illuminate Game Set

KanJam Illuminate Game Set

Official KanJam Flying Disc blue

Official KanJam Flying Disc blue

KanJam Illuminate Game Set with remote control

Not even darkness can stop Kanjam game!

KanJam Illuminate Game Set includes:

  • 2 portable, durable, translucent goals 

  • KanJam LED frisbee 

  • 2 six-coloured LED light pods with remote control

  • brochure with information and game instruction
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kanjam illuminate game set with remote

KanJam Illuminate Game Set

Kanjam is a fast-paced non-contact game with a frisbee and two goals 15 meters apart. The game is designed for four players who try to hit the teammate's goal and collect as many points as possible. The team that hits the goal without the assistance of a teammate immediately wins.

Kanjam Illuminate Game Set has everything you need for a night game. Thanks to the LED light pod inside each translucent goal and the glowing in the dark frisbee, you can enjoy KanJam every hour of the day, but especially in complete darkness.

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