KanJam Illuminate Game Set

KanJam Illuminate Game Set

KanJam Game Set

Everything you need for KanJam in one set!

KanJam Game Set includes:

  • 2 portable, durable goals

  • KanJam frisbee 

  • box for convenient transport

  • brochure with information and game instruction

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kanjam game set

KanJam Game Set

Kanjam is a fast-paced non-contact game with a frisbee and two goals 15 meters apart. The game is designed for four players who try to hit the teammate's goal and collect as many points as possible. The team that hits the goal without the assistance of a teammate immediately wins.

KanJam Game Set has everything to start a game, all you need is a meadow, a park or a garden and four players.

The original Kanjam Frisbee weighs 168 g and is made from recycled materials.

Goal height: 51 cm
Goal diameter: 42 cm

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