Wham-O Double Disc Court (DDC) Orange

Wham-O Double Disc Court (DDC) Orange

Eurodisc 25g Mandala Transparent mini Frisbee

Eurodisc 25g Mandala Transparent mini Frisbee

Wham-O Double Disc Court (DDC) Yellow

Double Disc Court

For those who want to take discus to the next level. Official disc for Double Disc Court weighing 110 g and 23.5 cm in diameter.

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Wham-o ddc yellow

How to play Double Disc Court?

1. Two teams consisting of two players play against each other. Each team stands in its 13x13m square. The squares are 17 m apart.
2. It is played with two discs, at the beginning each team has one disc.
3. The game starts at the command of "" three, two, one, throw "". The first roll is thrown by both teams at the same time and the goal is to throw the disc into the opponent's square.
4. The goal of both teams is to catch the penetrating discs of the other team and throw them back.
5. The player must not walk with the disc, he throws it from the place where he caught it.
6. Each disc that falls on the opponent's field means one point for the throwing team.
7. Any disc that falls outside the opponent's field or rolls there is a point for the opponent.
8. The team gets two points at the so-called double - when both players of the opposing team catch / hold both discs at the same time. There must always be one disc in the air.
You can achieve this by throwing one disk in a slow arc and the other quickly and directly.
Of course, creativity and another trick knows no bounds :)

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Weight110 g
Frisbee Diameter23,5 cm
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