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Aerobie Skylighter Yellow

EP Line Phlat Ball Jr. Yellow

EP Line Phlat Ball Jr. Yellow

Discraft Mini Star Orange Psy

Discraft Mini Star is a smaller version of the classical ultimate disc. We use it mainly in the office and managed not to break anything so far :)

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mini orange psy

Discraft Mini Star is a special edition from Discraft. It has a diameter of 11.5 cm but its proportions are the same as the 27 cm Ultimate disc and that’s why it flies surprisingly well!   

This smaller version of the Ultra Star can reach high speeds and thanks to its light weight, which is just 22 g, it is safe to play with indoors.

Yes, we like to throw it at home or in the office :) We haven’t broken any glasses or any televisions so far, so we highly recommend it! 

More Information
Frisbee TypeMini
Weight22 g
Frisbee Diameter11,5 cm
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