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Aerobie Superdisc Blue

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Aerobie Superdisc Red

A multi-purpose disc for the more experienced as well as for beginners. It has a very soft edge for comfortable catching. It is also suitable for dogs and using in pools.

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superdisc red

The flying disc Aerobie Superdisc is suitable for players of all categories as well as for beginners.

Thanks to the enhanced Spoiler Rim edge it flies straight and accurately.    

The edge of the disk is made out of softened rubber to make it easy to catch at high speeds. It has a good grip and on top of that, it can bounce of obstacles without getting damaged. Even after a number of falls on a hard surface the edge remains smooth and this can be appreciated in a town environment. There are anti-sliding elements on the inner side of the disk, for a firm grip when throwing.   

  • Spoiler Rim edge for long and accurate throws. 
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced players. 
  • A soft edge for comfortable catching and a firm grip  Floats on water, suitable for pools and the beach. 
  • Suitable for dogs, the soft and non-toxic edge won’t hurt them. 
  • Diameter- 25cm. 
  • Recommended age 8+. 
More Information
Manufacturer Aerobie
Color Red
Frisbee Type Superdisc
Weight 114 g
Frisbee Diameter 25 cm
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