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Aerobie Squidgie Orange

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Aerobie Squidgie Yellow

Aerobie Squidgie Green

Very soft flying disc for beginners: It definitely doesn’t hurt if you get hit by it. On top of that, it can float on water, making it an ideal toy for pools.

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squidgie green

The biggest advantage of the Aerobie Squidgie flying disc is its capacity to be folded into half and be put into a bag. The Frisbee however doesn’t lose its shape or isn’t deformed in any way, nor does it lose any of its quality. Because it is made out of a very elastic and light material, with a bit of caution it can also be used indoors.

It is ideal for beginners and recreational players: Even small children can learn to play with it as it won’t hurt them if they get hit by it, since it is exceptionally soft.    The Aerobie Squidgie flying disc flies straight and accurately thanks to the enhanced construction of the Spoiler Rim edge.       

It’s surprisingly soft and the flexible material is ideal even for smaller children. 

  • Doesn’t contain phthalates or latex.
  • Floats on water, suitable for pools, swimming pool areas or the beach. 
  • Recommended age 5+. 
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Frisbee TypeJunior
Weight61 g
Frisbee Diameter20 cm
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