Eurodisc 25g Mandala Yellow mini Frisbee

Eurodisc 25g Mandala Yellow mini Frisbee

Aerobie Pro Blue

Aerobie Pro Blue

Aerobie Sprint Blue

A flying disc with a doubled flight range than the average ultimate Frisbee.

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sprint blue

A smaller version of the Aerobie Pro flying disc, the record holder for the longest throw. The Aerobie Sprint has the same flight qualities and therefore it has a doubled flight range than an ultimate Frisbee.

It is ideal for smaller spaces, like parks, playgrounds, camps and so on, and is recommended for players over 7 years old.
The flying disc Aerobie Sprint will be praised by players of all categories. Thanks to its unique construction it can fly straight and it’s upheld during flight, similarly to the way the wing of an aeroplane is.
The edge is made from durable rubber, which is comfortable to catch and can bounce of easily when hitting an object without damage.

  • Doesn’t float on water.


More Information
ColorBlue light
Frisbee TypeRing
Weight61 g
Frisbee Diameter25 cm
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