Sweets Lab V28 - Desperado kendama

Sweets Lab V28 - Desperado kendama

Sweets Christian Fraser Batch 1 Legend Model Sapphire kendama

Sweets Christian Fraser Batch 1 Legend Model Sapphire kendama

Sweets Lab V28 - Socialite kendama

Kendama born of an experiment

  • Quality maple wood (ken) and cherry (tama)
  • Laser engraved ken
  • Cushion Clear
  • Balance Bevel in the base cup
  • Metal bearing
  • The package also includes stickers and a spare lace
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sweets socialite

Kendama Sweets Lab - SOCIALITE

The Sweets Lab model line is constantly striving to take design and gameplay to a new level. Thanks to the BOOST shape of the kenya, the Cushion Clear surface and the unique design, these kendams are one of the best on the market.

The kendams of this line have a BOOST shape. The cups are a bit larger, the edges more pronounced and there is a balance hole in the bottom cup, which helps to better balance the lunar tricks. Unlike the original, the new BOOST models are made of solid maple instead of laminated wood.

This time, the designers from Sweets Lab V28 were inspired by well-known textile patterns. Each design pays homage to these iconic fabrics that can adorn the ken and tam of this series.


Inspired by the endless winters of Minnesota, where flannel plaid shirts are not just worn by lumberjacks.


bandana, shawl, scarf eeend Desperado. All this and much more has made this iconic pattern famous, which will probably never go out of style.


Pepito - a unique black and white pattern that Sweets has been trying to use for several years. Managed to!

More Information
Manufacturer Sweets Kendamas
Color Black
Model Sweets Lab
Wood Maple, cherry
Tama Cushion Clear
Height of Kendama 18 cm
Bearing Yes
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